Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Brady!!!

Happy Birthday sweet boy, Mama loves you so much! There is a million things I want to say that I fear I'll forget something. If nothing else, I hope the love I have for you is conveyed through my words to you. I can't begin to describe what you mean to me - whenever I'm away from you I miss you, I think of you & wonder what fun you're having. You are such a sweet, compassionate, energetic, full of life & love, happy, smart, witty boy & the list certainly doesn't stop there. Your memory never ceases to amaze me, the things you understand at such a young age baffle me! I love having conversations with you, wondering what you're thinking - what you are going to say next. Everything about you is so special to me! You show me love like I could never ask for, you're always willing & wanting to give hugs & kisses, telling me to sit next to you or come play Mama....I love it when you want Mama or Dad to play with you! You are an amazing big brother, you've shown such sweetness & acceptance of your brother. Youve rarely shown any jealousy instead loving him & when he's upset you tell him, It's ok baby, it's ok. Your ability to understand & show empathy/sympathy at your age is what makes my heart melt. To see such tenderness & such a loving heart makes me so proud of you & thankful. I know you have a tender heart yet you are very strong & brave. You are stubborn at all the right times, stubborn when you want to finish something you've started, determined to figure things out - rarely giving up & knowing to ask for help. I love hearing, help Mama help as it show me you know some things you need to depend on others for and I'm hoping as you grow older this will teach you so many life lessons. I can't tell you what an amazing little boy you've become....sometimes parents fear their children will inherit their negative traits along with negative things they pick up on their own, but you sweetheart have taken any negative traits we may have or show & somehow you make them positive. For instance, I thought mine & your daddy's stubbornness would equal a strong willed child - yet, you are stubborn only in the fact that you don't quit or give up if something is hard - you simply keep trying or you ask for help. I pray this next year that you'll continue to grow & learn, learn to be the best 2 year old you can possibly be & that we will continue to learn through you. You've taught us to enjoy life as it's given, you've taught us patience, perseverance, & forgiveness. You continue to teach me things you don't even understand yourself....because of you, I want to be a better mother, a better friend, a better wife & so on. Thank you for 2 amazing years sweet boy, filled with fun & a million wonderful memories!! You are spunky, quick, funny & everything I had hoped for & ten times more. I love you my sweet, sweet firstborn son more than life itself - you are my sunshine on rainy days - you are my bright & shining star! I have such high hopes for you, hopes that you'll always feel & know my love for you is unconditional.....hopes that you'll see Christ through us & be a better man for the Lord than we could have ever dreamed, that you'll always be true to yourself, respect yourself & others, be a great & loyal friend, always finish what you start, believing in yourself even when others don't, having courage to be a leader in a world of followers, and a million more hopes & dreams for you my love. Happy Birthday to you my sweet handsome boy! You bring so many smiles to me, you melt my heart - I could never imagine life without you. I'm so thankful the Lord lent you to us - entrusting you in our care, I pray we won't fail you, and while we aren't perfect by any means I pray you'll see forgiveness in us & give it as well as needed. Mommy will always admit to you when I have hurt you or wronged you, I pray when you get older that you'll see my heart, my love & my devotion to you and our family. I love you to the moon & back & back & back &.............. Thank you my love, my Brady boy, for bringing so much joy to my life! What an incredible little boy you are!! Praying your life is blessed as you go through this next year! I refuse to call this year as the terrible twos, as you are terrific 2 & we will respond accordingly. We will support you, love you, & train you throughout these years - working through each difficult time & praying for positive outcomes. Mommy will be by your side Brady whenever you need me, I will always be there for you no matter what. I may be disappointed of you misbehave or have a difficult day listening but each moment is a new moment, another chance for us to make better choices & decisions - you can guarantee each morning you wake is a fresh start& each night you lay your head you can have sweet sleep knowing today is a learning experience for tomorrows fresh start. Big hugs my loving boy, mommy & daddy & baby love you so so much!! You, my sweet, sweet, boy have no idea how special you are but I'll sure do my best to show you & appreciate you & never take you for granted. I will promise to respect you & love you! I can't wait to see what this new year has in store!! Let the adventures continue & the fun carry on! I love you, love you, love you my Brady! As we say every night - Thank you for being such a good boy, sleep well, rest your little head, and I'll see you in the morning where the fun will begin allover again!


HOPE said...

Awww such a precious TRIBUTE to an amazing STAR...little Brady!!!

We love you too Brady! Mommy has surely given the picture of you perfectly...and what a joy it is to read and know ALL about you!

Your fun pictures show your precious SMILE..and your EYES speak volumes of adventure ahead!

Huggles to you sweet Brady!!

Nana and Papa E.