Thursday, December 22, 2011

Outsmart, Outwit, Outplay?

Sounds like survivors mantra right? nah, it's just mine for now :) -  Mommy & Daddy tell me I can outplay them any day but this little story below might prove the other two are coming along just fine as well.

Mommy has been teaching me the ABC's & 123's, nothing too structured or serious seeing as I'm almost 19 months old and no where near preschool or regular school.  She said we can play & learn at the same time and it seems fun to me so sure why not!  Let's go for it.  She recently bought me two puzzles that were suppose to wait for Christmas but....I saw them & immediately loved them so she's been letting me play with them.  In previous posts I've told you that I know quite a few letters, so seeing them on this board is pretty exciting for me.  I love grabbing the M and running to my Mommy and saying Mama - Mmmm, Mama!  She seems really happy and tells me how smart I am when I do that but honestly, it wasn't all that hard so maybe I should tell her? nah - I love seeing how happy she gets when I show her what I'm learning.

So back to the story - lately Mommy grabs a few toys and says, 1 truck, 2 trucks, 3 trucks - than she asks me to repeat back 1,2,3 - sometimes I can and sometimes I can't remember how to copy her. 

Later that night, Daddy was feeding me dinner but I was too tired to eat, I had played really hard all day.  I usually scarf down my dinner so Daddy thought maybe something was wrong.  Mommy told him not to worry and that if I was hungry I would surely eat.  Mommy suggested that Daddy show me I only had a couple of bites left because I like to clean my plates, gives me a sense of accomplishment :) - Mommy told Daddy to count the bites so I can tell how many left I have.  So, Daddy says, Brady one more bite ok?  Onnneeeee and he put the fork to my mouth - well I suddenly remembered what came after one - so instead of opening my mouth and eating I said, Twwwoooo!?? - Mommy and Daddy started laughing so hard and telling me that was pretty good.  Daddy had not heard me say 1,2,3 so he was shocked and felt I had just outwit & out smarted him.  :)  I realized that I had just done something wonderful so I kept saying it and clapping with a huge smile on my face.

I love learning - I love making Mommy & Daddy proud and happy.  They say I'm not a baby anymore but their big, big boy.  I'm going to have my very own baby brother here very soon and I can't wait to show him the ropes around this place.


HOPE said...

heee heee areo so very clever Brady and yes a BIG BIG BOY!

What a great BIG Brother you are going to be to the baby...He is going to just love you showing him how to do everything...and watching over him too right??

I'm glad you liked Jo-Jo and gave him a hug since Brother is not here yet to hug him. He and Georgie will be great pals you and brother.

We love you!!!
Nana and Papa